Peruvian Chicha-Style Poster

Concert poster created in the style of Peruvian Chicha street art.

SPCA Rebranding Concept

The SPCA branding concept benefits the SPCA with a new, unified look. The design embodies ideas of reliability, compassion, and unitedness.


SPCA Adoption Campaign Concept

The SPCA Adoption Campaign includes 3 elements that will work together to encourage Toronians to consider adoption when bringing a new pet into their home. The campaign consists of transit posters and park benches all leading the viewer to a final “Doggy Speed Dating” event where prospective owners can meet dogs face to face and find one they are truly compatable with. The campaign is light and fun, making use of bright colours, hand rendered fonts, and simple messages.

The Park Bench

The Transit Ad

The Doggy Speed Dating Event

Pacha Sound Logo

The Pacha Sound Wordmark is a strong and inspiring logo representing a small Toronto recording, production and live sound studio. The logo draws from both vintage and contemporary styles to represent a studio that combines the use of traditional engineering techniques alongside state of the art technologies.